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Non-matched IRA or 401(K)

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) and 401(k)'s are used to save money for retirement. They are one of the most powerful tools in the financial arsenal for this purpose. Unfortunately, at the same time many people overlook the disadvantages and fail to protect their hard earned money.

For many Americans, these tax-deferred strategies may contain problems due to their inability to prevent eventual large income tax payments, estate taxes, and potential losses due to market fluctuation.

Since these accounts are usually long-term in nature, inflation, market fluctuation, and taxation can significantly reduce the purchasing value of the accounts. Americans may lose considerable amounts of their account values because they may not have been made aware of the possible economic dangers both before and after retirement or death.

In order to be most effective, these accounts need to be properly structured and coordinated and integrated with other financial strategies and products in order to protect them. Otherwise, the accounts will always be vulnerable to possible losses. One must make sure that their retirement nest egg is safe and secure since this is the money one must live on throughout the remainder of the years. 

We provide consumers with 401(k) plans a way in which to protect the assets from many different types of erosion, while at the same time providing a balanced retirement outlook