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Why do you work

Why do you work?

You work for two reasons only. Meaning and Money.
Meaning takes many forms, such as purpose, fulfillment, joy, and camaraderie. 
Money, from work, comes in one form only. Income. You may say that you work to pay the bills, educate your children, afford a vacation, or save for retirement.  

What you really mean is that you work for the income to do those things.
Each of those actions can only result from sufficient cash flow. Your cash flow determines how life unfolds.
With your cash flow, you can spend it, save it, invest it, or give it away. That's it. 
Many Americans fail to acknowledge that their income from working will cease. It will occur due to death, protracted illness, unemployment, or retirement. Regardless, it will happen. Guaranteed.
Too often those inevitabilities are ignored. Or action is delayed. Either way, the consequences are dire.
It is imperative, first, to eliminate the financial consequences of an involuntary end to cash flow. Then save. Then invest.
Most financial advisors and institutions would have you believe that it is the amount of accumulated assets that dictates the option of retirement. That is simply not true.
Retirement can only be possible if the cash flow produced by your assets is sufficient to satisfy life’s concerns.
Once income produced by assets--rather than by effort--is sufficient, then the burden of work’s necessity is lifted. "Why do you work?" can then be answered: “I work because I WANT to not because I HAVE to.”
Cash flow is your most precious financial resource. 

Cherish it. 
Protect it first.
Ensure its health today. And forever.
I can help.